There is Nothing Hidden

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“There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed” Jesus said to his disciples.

As I look at the violence erupting in our country and our world, we see the Band-Aid of the past 50 years being torn away more each day. Greed, oppression, fear, and inequality once again raise their ‘heads’. Race and religion used as elements of isolation, discrimination, division for power and control have once again been revealed in all their hostility.

The rhetoric of our political campaigns add fuel to the fire for those who have not yet grown tired of and abandoned the tirades and the media’s interpretation of events.

But we can’t isolate ourselves from people. We are all part of the wounds of our country and world and consequently we are all part of the healing. Each of us is called upon to identify the gifts we have come into this world to share and discover how to share them with others so that together we can make a positive difference. We need to come together in ways that are authentic to who we are. We need to work together for the good of all.

How do we do this? We begin in our own families and communities. We let the wounds of others open us to being aware of each other. We look for the strengths in our relationships and—together—build on those strengths. We identify ‘kindred spirits’ in other ethnic, social and religious groups and discover the healing that can happen when we share our common bonds.

There is a hidden potential in each person. We need to focus our attention on that potential and believe in the goodness of each person so that love replaces fear, sharing replaces greed, unity replaces oppression, education replaces inequality and hope for a better world can be revealed.

With graduations, weddings and family gatherings happening in June, we have opportunities to celebrate life with families and friends. Healing can happen! In this month of June, we can also choose to do one thing that will make a difference to someone else. Together we can discover the strength and beauty that lie beneath the violence when we each take our place as a vital instrument of grace and healing in our world. Let’s do it!

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