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There is such hope and joy in the air these days. Washington DC is filled with people who want to be ‘there’ for this historic moment for the people of America and for the world. They want to be part of this historic moment not just a by-stander. I have heard news media people speak so emotionally about being caught up into the hope and joy of the crowds. There is a connection among people that the country and world has not known before.

And on this day, I find myself asking if I will be there with and for others as we experience the demands this new time and administration are going to ask of me. Am I willing to put myself truly with this leadership in ways I may find uncomfortable. Am I truly willing to be for the people and with the people in a way that I have never been asked. My mind and heart today say ‘yes’! But I know all too well that when the going gets rough, I can want to run away. Obama and our administration will only be as strong as we are willing to participate. He has vision and grace but it will take all of us working to make this country what we have dreamed it could be.

Obama has said he is going to work from the moment of his inauguration and I know this will be true of him and all who will be working with him. That includes me! I see this as truly a spiritual discipline. It is one thing to say yes, it is another thing to put myself in the yes through my actions. I know I don’t have to rely on myself. We live in a time when everyone has the capacity to reach out to each other. And so today, I ask that all who read this reflect on their personal calling as an American of the 21st century. What does THIS time ask of you?

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