To be Human is a Gift to be Honored

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Over these past few days, I have been inspired by the voices coming out of Washington!

Joe Biden in his statement to the American people proclaimed:  This is what I believe

  • We need to work together
  • Children and child care is the one, biggest barrier for working families
  • Lead more by power of example than example of power
  • We need to end the divisive partisan politics that are ripping this country apart
  • We need to keep moving forward in the arc of this nation toward justice

    And Paul Ryan has said he would run for Speaker of the House IF

    • The party is behind him
    • The party will work as a team
    • He cannot and will not give up family time
    • He can be a unifying leader

    For me, this is more than politics as usual.  Two political leaders are asking for a country of justice, of balanced work and family life and are calling each of us to these high values as well.

    NovbWe have been so focused on violence and division, on anger and frustration, on wars and extremism.   We seem to have lost a reverence for life and the values that empower us to be human.  We have needed our leaders to call themselves and each of us back to the basics of being human.

    At our essence we are one!  And because we are one, we need to care for one another and take care in how we treat one another.  We need to find ways of balancing work and home life and of creating systems that respect this fundamental need.  With leaders proclaiming it and each of us taking responsibility for creating it, we can mend the rifts in our families, our country and our world.

    Mother Teresa once said: “Human life is a gift of immeasurable worth, and it deserves always and everywhere to be treated with utmost dignity and respect.”

    As we begin November honoring those who have died (Dia de los Muertos) and close out the month with a celebration of gratitude for all life has provided on Thanksgiving Day, may we truly see the hope we can celebrate this month.

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