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Some years ago we had a wonderful wooden well in our front lawn. The well somehow survived three moves, lots of rain, heat, cold and wind and even being pushed over by Halloween visitors one year. But like all of creation there came a time when we needed to take the well down.

Working on breaking down the well, I marveled that every piece of wood was attached with screws–not nails as I had anticipated. I thought of the man who made it, and how much care and attention he put into his work. I thought of the quality of wood that went into its creation and how it reflected something of the character of who he was. I thought too about him leaving a bit of himself in his creation which we cherished over all the years.

Somehow this memory of our well comes to mind as I reflect on the transition going on within Eremos. This center of contemplative life that has been put together with love, devotion, amazing skills and service to many men and women for sixteen years.
And like our well, Eremos is in a process of transformation. The vitality, creativity and imagination that our new Executive Director is bringing truly builds on the form we have had and animates its transformation. It is an amazing blessing to be with people (some new to Eremos, others have been part of our ongoing creation) all stepping forward to new ways of participating in the creation of Eremos. The luminous gifts they bring inspire hope and faith in a future beyond the dreams of years ago.

Often, people ask me how I am doing with all the changes that are happening. My honest answer is that I am in a state of wonder and awe. There is a Breath of God blowing through Eremos and my heart overflows with joy and gratitude. As Julian of Norwich proclaimed over 600 years ago “all shall be well’.

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