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A Reflection From Sharon Dunn

Heeding the quiet voice within to experience God in the silence can sometime seem like such a passive gesture when confronted with living in our current world.  While we are reading poetry and scripture or creating life-giving routines in our lives, we hear the sounds of violence, hatred, division and grief coming from our world.  Many of us ask, “How did we get here?” and “What can we do?”

Contemplation is partnered with action.  As we find peace within, we begin to look to bring peace to our larger world.  Find a place to be quiet, connect with nature, be with what nurtures you, find rest in God’s love for you.  Create peace where you are, and that small gesture will impact the world.  Yes, and there is more.  Right now, we have another tool at hand.  Vote.  Like contemplation, it can seem insignificant.  Only one voice in the millions that are heard.  Only one vote in the millions that are cast.   

Participating in democracy can feel like just another passive answer.  It is not.  This form of government depends on the involvement of many to make it work well.  If those of us who don’t see our views of peace, inclusion and love being reflected by our government drop out of the picture, we won’t be able to contribute at all and we will be even more disillusioned by what we see.  Use your voice for peace and love to cast your vote to create a society that reflects YOUR values.  We are not alone.  Use the power of your vote.  


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