We Give Thanks

 In Reflections

So much has been happening within Eremos that gives me cause to pause and give thanks.

We have just completed our first workshop series for the Unemployed/Underemployed.  What an amazing group of men and women they are!  What courage and vulnerability they shared with us and with each other.  At the end of our six weeks, they wanted to continue and we are looking into how this may be possible.  We also hope to begin another group series in January or February for others who may be interested and available.

Our Gala/Auction came to a successful conclusion thanks to our amazing team of organizers and helpers.  So much time, energy and expertise went into weeks of planning and staging all behind the scenes.  And to walk into Mercury Hall on November 3rd to see the beautiful roses, the smiling faces of our support staff and the joyful musicians was a sheer delight.  People came, browsed the rows of auction items, danced to the music, ate amazing food, delicious desserts and laughed with one another throughout the night. It was truly a grace-filled night as we honored the Board Members who have served Eremos over the past 15 years.

There is so much for which my mind and heart overflow in thankfulness.  We are so blessed by God in and through all who have been part of Eremos over all these years.

In a presentation on contemplative prayer last night, one woman said ‘you have helped me see how God is calling me and I can now be free to respond, thank you’.  This is not intended for just my ears.  Through all the support that people provide through Eremos, we continue to be an instrument of invitation and celebration of the wonderful works of God in people’s lives.  People often tell me that Eremos is an Oasis in Austin and San Antonio.  I give thanks for this and to each of you whose life makes Eremos possible.

As I sit in the desert of Lebh Shomea this Thanksgiving Day, I will be giving God thanks for each person who ebbs and flows through Eremos.  May your celebration of giving thanks fill your heart to overflowing in gratitude for all the gifts that are part of your life, also.

Thanksgiving Blessings!

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