We Remember

 In Reflections

Our cities and towns are filled with veterans who have served our country — many returning proud of their service, and many traumatized, injured and struggling to reclaim the life they once knew.  Most of these men and women have known fellow soldiers who have lost their lives, returning in flag-draped caskets. And they remember!


How different it is to honor Memorial Day when you have been part of a war.  The remembering is deeply personal and highly relational.  It isn’t a matter of seeing all the flags flying in a cemetery, or watching parades of marching bands or family picnics in a park.


They remember!


Memorial Day!  We pause as a nation to honor the millions of men and women who gave their lives that all might live.  We remember their sacrifice and in that remembering we thank God for the dedication, the youth, the bravery that draws men and women still today to say ‘yes’ to serve!  And we remember the love and support of family and friends who have sustained our service people through all the wars America has been drawn into.

We remember!


Please pause with Dianna and me for a moment on Monday to consciously say “thank you”! Knowing the power of prayer, we take a step towards healing our war-torn world.

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