We stand on a threshold

 In Reflections

We stand on the threshold of 2013 being drawn by all the hope that a new year contains. Only a few days into the new year and already I hear hope in voices of people who come seeking spiritual direction. There is lightness in their tone and a gleam in their eyes.

I feel a breath of fresh air in the openness of programs we have scheduled for 2013.
Each month creative and generous presenters will invite us to contemplation from different vantage points and themes and expressions.

There is a Light shining – drawing each of us in the direction of wholeness. But like many people, the skeptic part of me wants to deny this movement.

“It is just a new year”…
“Give this a week or month and the awareness will dissipate”…

Yet, deep within me I know that I can’t succumb to that voice! There truly is something different going on this year. There is a door that has been opened. The invitation is to “come”. A radiant light lures us, beckons us, invites us to leave old patterns of disbelief and step over the threshold deeper into the heart of God.

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