Welcome to 2014

 In Reflections

“I am not making any new year resolutions as I never keep them” I overheard someone proclaim from the table next to me at a local restaurant. I must confess I had to smile knowing something of how difficult it is to be a beginner. There is something in us that just doesn’t want to be a beginner. We want to know whatever we attempt will result in success rather than failure. We want our resolve to be effective.

But as I sit at the threshold of a new year, I feel this year is a gift. I hear the words of poet Mary Oliver ‘what will you do with this one wild and wonderful life’! This is a year of possibility. It is a year that invites each of us to receive each day as a precious gift. What we do with each day is an invitation of imagination rather than accountability. How will we dance? How will we dream? How will we rest at the end of each day with a smile knowing we have been awake and attentive to the graciousness of God in the day?

Welcome to 2014! May it be a year of infinite blessings that you receive and celebrate each day. I look forward to sharing this New Year with you.

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