Welcome to 2017

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A new year begins reminding us of the cycle of life – we are always beginning again.

Each new year is an invitation to be open to new possibilities, new challenges, and new experiences. Like an empty canvas, this beginning invites us to express what is deepest within us, to stand back and see where the next step in creating our work of art will lead us.

We begin this year with a world day of peace’”, joining our minds and hearts with others proclaiming our belief in peace and the possibility of peace if we reach out to one another.

I recall the words of Jesus, “Peace I leave with you, my own peace I give to you”.  It is a gift of his deepest self.  We need to receive that peace.  Each one of us can become channels of peace by giving ourselves to the Love that is offered as peace.

In faith communities all over the world, we turn to one another offering peace and receiving peace.  Our world needs us to continue that gesture daily to make peace new each day in the myriad of ways we are invited to be peace-makers and peace-receivers.

An adaptation of the prayer of St. Francis comes to mind as an intention for this new beginning of 2017:

Make me a channel of your peace.

Where there is hatred let me bring a gift of love.

Where there is injury, can I forgive?

Where there is doubt, a ray of trust

Where there is darkness let me bring light

And where there is sadness, a touch of joy.


May this new year be a time of peace, joy and the gift of love.

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