What is Summer for You?

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On this first official day of summer—the Summer Solstice—I invite you to consider your typical summer flow. Do things slow down and give you some space in your life?  Or do things get really busy, as you add responsibilities such as entertaining children out of school and planning family vacations?

Whatever your changes with summer’s arrival, there is usually a shift as we move into warm (hot!) weather, sunny days and long hours of daylight.  Take time to notice the shift for yourself.  Create space. 

If your pace has slowed, preserve some of the time that has been offered for you.  Rather than fill the void with the usual tasks, think about what your soul might need right now.  Use some of the space to listen, to sit in silence with God’s presence. 

If your life has gotten busier, it is even more important to create space and to think about what your soul needs.  Make a spiritual practice out of something in your usual routine.  Is there a lot of laundry?  Take time to pray while folding clothes.  Do you make a cup of tea each morning?  Take time to really focus on the steps involved. Use the time you sip your tea to turn your mind to the care of your soul.

May your summer give you some space for renewal and growth.

If you need ideas or would like to join others this summer, be sure to check out the Eremos Summer Interlude Series.  Go in peace.

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