What We Bring With Us

 In Reflections

“We always think of hope as grounded in the future. That’s wrong, I think. Hope is fulfilled in the future but it depends on our ability to remember that, like Jacob [Genesis 32:22-32], we have survived everything in life to this point – and have emerged in even better form than we were when those troubles began.”

–Sr. Joan D. Chittister

What gifts from the struggles of the past year are you bringing with you as you plan for and embark upon new adventures this spring and summer?

Taking time to pause, reflect, and plan can help us move forward with hope and confidence and make the most of this spring energy.

Cathey Capers offers a beautiful reflection on the March session of her new program, Poetry of the Present (see below). Within it, you will find poems, quotes, and wisdom to inspire you for your own weekend reflection.

May you remember the strength and wisdom gained this past year as you embark upon this next phase of life. And may these memories of what you have overcome to date give you hope when fears arise.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

― Khalil Gibran

“Hope is what sits by a window and waits for one more dawn, despite the fact that there isn’t an ounce of proof in tonight’s black, black sky that it can possibly come.”
― Sr. Joan D. Chittister

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