Where is God?

 In Reflections

Where is God when hopes and dreams are lost?  So many people these days are finding their worlds turned upside down for one reason or another.
I see grief in their eyes, the sense of loss and bewilderment, even a sense of guilt and judgment that somehow they failed or were just not good enough.

People of faith ask the God question:  “God where were you?”  “God, where are you now?”  “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

These are not questions seeking answers.  They are expressions of agony coming from people who have entrusted their lives to their understanding of who God is and how God works within all that happens.  They are proclamations of faith – a belief in God that transcends their current understanding of God.

Our questions of God when we are undergoing suffering speak deeply about our true faith in God.  It is a movement within us seeking us and inviting us to discover God within all that we encounter.

May this be your experience as well.

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