Wisdom’s Presence in Our Lives

 In Reflections

One gift I pray for each day is the gift of Wisdom – that overflow of Love through which I become open to the Spirit within all life.

It is a gift through which I put aside my own analysis, judgments, expectations, and projections and I open to the story before me. It allows me to acknowledge my limitations and become more humble and honest in relation to the Spirit ‘whose ways are not my ways.

As a Spiritual Amma, Wisdom is the essential gift par excellence. It enables me to engender and nurture the Spirit indwelling those who come here seeking the Spirit’s direction.

People seek spiritual direction for so many different reasons. Occasionally I will hear someone say ‘I don’t know why I am here’ or ‘I am here because someone recommended me to come’. And there is also the person who comes ‘because I am stuck in an old pattern and just can’t get myself out of it’. That later statement was a context I experienced recently. I knew this person wanted me to set her free. But I also knew that I was not able to do this for her. Listening to her struggle, I felt the release she longed for was through her connecting to the Spirit within herself and her story.

We sat in silence listening deeper and from within that silence I heard her say ‘I got an insight!” That insight had a ripple effect as she was able to see how it had impacted her life for a long time. There was a quiet peace that filled the room. There is still much processing that needs to be done, but the gift of Wisdom opened both of us to the Spirit present within our time together. Truly spiritual direction is the direction of the Spirit in each of our lives.

Wisdom is so present in every aspect of life. It keeps us open and attentive to the in-breaking of God and sustains us in the waiting for those moments of awareness.

May you become more aware of Wisdom as you open to Her presence in your life this month.

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