Amplify Austin. Amplify Eremos.

Thank You for Amplifying Eremos!

We are so grateful for the 63 people who gave so generously this Amplify Austin and the many more supporting us in other ways. Thank you for your faith in us. We will prayerfully steward the $13, 420 we raised, as well as the additional donations that come in other ways. We are blessed!

Each candle represents an Amplify Austin 2022 donor. Thank you for your generosity! May it come back to you 100-fold in delightful ways!

With grateful hearts, we thank you for all of the ways you choose to support Eremos during Amplify Austin and beyond.

“Finding the Eremos community was finding part of who I am to be in the world. From reading the newsletter, to participating in programs, retreats, ongoing groups, and even as a board member, Eremos is the challenge that keeps me awake and supports me as I work to live as a spiritual being in this physical body and world.”
–Friend of Eremos

“The spiritual direction and programs of Eremos are a vital part of keeping my life grounded. I am grateful for the tools I have been given to live more in touch with my own spirituality and with the Divine.”
–Friend of Eremos

Note: For those of you who missed it, we welcome support all year long!
You can donate securely through the Amplify Austin portal HERE or through our website HERE.

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