Thriving Together We AMPLIED EREMOS in 2024!

“We are constituted so that simple acts of kindness, such as giving to charity or expressing gratitude, have a positive effect on our long-term moods. The key to the happy life, it seems, is the good life: a life with sustained relationships, challenging work, and connections to community.” – Paul Bloom

Thank you!

At the close of I Live Here, I Give Here’s 2024 Amplify Austin 24-hour Giving Campaign on March 7th, sixty-three friends of Eremos raised $13,505! And all Central Texas, and those touched by the efforts of these nonprofits around the planet, benefits from the $10,044,564 raised by 26,013 people for 731 organizations!


From the smallest to the largest gift, each donation makes a tremendous difference in our ability to serve our community in Thriving Together (our theme for 2024):

  • Major upcoming events like Everything is Sacred with John Philip Newell in May to ongoing groups like Benedict’s Way, the Men’s Group, Contemplative Mornings (Eremos North), and our weekly Quiet Pause, help people in remembering their connection to God and living and loving others more fully.
  • Spiritual direction with Sharon Dunn and other trusted spiritual directors in the Eremos community, as well as the reflections, poems, images, and quotes shared in our newsletters, offer more individual support and sacred space for introspection and listening for the voice of the Divine.

As one of our Amplify Austin donors shared, your support enables Eremos to offer much needed sacred space:

“Eremos has been such a wellspring for me, and I have so much gratitude for the space that you work to cultivate from everything to the emails to the quiet pauses and the group calls. I did get to listen to the call with Rosemerry today. So powerful. There is something about being in the presence of such wisdom that is truly so moving.”

Finally, in the Eremos tradition of offering poetry to help express what can sometimes be difficult to convey, we express our gratitude with a poem from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. Recently posted on her poem-a-day website, it speaks beautifully to the space for remembering who we are that Eremos seeks to offer.

In Less Than Fifteen Minutes
March 6, 2024, by Rosemerry

As easy as stepping out the door,
this chance to drop the self who does,
the self who walls and calendars and phones,
the self who dishes and bills and desks
and become the self that becomes—
become whispering field and bright
squawking jay and full silence rising
mid squawks. Become sun-puddled,
sky-muddled, breeze-ruffled
heartbeat, spruce-reaching,
blue-winging, leaf-whirling heartbeat,
snow-melting, cliff-lifting,
grass greening heartbeat, become
heart warmth beat heart breath beat
heart sun beat heart cloud beat
heart   heart   heart   heart
as if this time I’ll never forget.

Source: https://ahundredfallingveils.com/

“Eremos provides essential support for spiritual seekers from all paths. I am grateful for every group and offering.”
– Program participant

“Eremos gives the gift of connection. I’m grateful for the encouragement to share gratitude and for the gift of creating space and sharing story.” – Friend of Eremos

Thank you again for supporting Eremos in the 2024 Amplify Austin campaign. May you be blessed by the Holy One in delightful ways in thanksgiving for your generosity.

If you missed out on donating via Amplify Austin and wish to support Eremos, you can make a donation here, or finding out more about our Giving Circle program (sign up to make a monthly donation).

“Eremos came to me at a serendipitous time. I was at a complete crossroads in life – a new mother who was struggling with irrational fears during a pandemic and working full-time miserably in the corporate world. I was aching spiritually. I found myself isolated and missing something. I was introduced to Eremos and I have had the gift of the weekly meditation pauses with beautiful souls. It’s had a profound effect on me. Thank you for including me in this loving community, even from afar.” – A Quiet Pause participant

“Rev. Doug’s monthly Contemplative Men’s Group has resulted in some stop you moments for me. These stop you moments have brought me joy. I also call them God moments. The Men’s group on Zoom is encouraging and supportive – a diverse group of men. It’s a time of peace and calm and it’s spirit-filled in Richmond (VA).” – A Contemplative Men’s Group participant

Mark your Calendar

Mark your calendar to join us virtually between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on WEDNESDAY, March 6th to donate HERE or schedule your donation today!


Make Your Donation

Make your donation during our ‘appointed hour’, if possible. A $1000 bonus is available to the nonprofit raising the most money each hour!

We will light a candle in honor of each donation made. Our vision is to have a table filled with light!

Invite Your Friends

Invite Your Friends and Family to participate. Every donation helps!

Honoring our spiritual foundation, we will begin the 8pm hour on March 6th with a blessing from Jan Richardson, When We Breathe Together. Holding the vision of our Eremos community being touched by this inspiring blessing, we invite you to join us from the comfort of your home. You can download a copy here. 

Like us on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, please “Like” our page and spread the word when we make posts as we get close to the appointed day and time and look for our pictures of the “table of light.”

“Eremos is my spiritual, community home, where I nurture the contemplative part of me and experience the divine in me and in others. Eremos makes it possible for me to be more grounded and centered.” – Program participant and donor

“I’m proud to support Eremos for the work they are doing to bring more peace, understanding and kindness into our lives, and by extension, our world, so desperately needed these days.” – Program participant and donor

With grateful hearts, we thank you for all the ways you choose to support Eremos during Amplify Austin and beyond.

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