Returning to Center in These Challenging Times

With the pandemic entering its third year and continuing divisiveness in our country, many are struggling to stay rooted in hope and the strength of their faith – however they define it. As a contemplative community, Eremos is blessed to have access to wise souls with spiritual practices to help them come back to center* when the anxieties, fears, and tribulations of these times threaten to overwhelm them. 

Our intention in sharing these short videos is for them to inspire or remind you of simple spiritual practices or meditative reflections that can guide you back to center. May you feel the support of our contemplative community without walls as you view each offering.

*We describe ‘center’ as being that space within where we sense, feel, or imagine we’re most in touch with God or the Divine.

Karen Cotton: The Monday Morning Prayer

Hi! My name is Karen. I’m grateful to the Eremos community, and especially to Dianna, for inviting me to share a devotional practice that’s been meaningful to me. I’ve spent [...]

Sharon Dunn: God Meets us in Silence

God meets us in silence. In space. We have to have the discipline to create that space, and the silence to be able to listen for the voice of God [...]

Regina Moser: Set the Intention

Hi, my name is Regina Moser, I am a spiritual director and yoga instructor. I've been asked to share a simple practice. You can choose to stand or be seated. [...]

Doug Fritzsche: Growing a Spiritual Practice

I recently read a reflection by Richard Rohr, which included a story about him meeting a Buddhist monk. The monk's opening question was not what do you believe? But instead, [...]

Mona West: The Words of the Chant

Hi, I'm Mona West, and listening to chant and singing chants have always been grounding spiritual practice for me, especially in these challenging times. I find that the words of [...]

Cathey Capers: Inspiration and Synchronicity

Hi friends, Cathey Capers here, and I just wanted to share a brief spiritual practice that I've been using recently to help me in these times. Basically, what I started [...]

Annette Pearson on Reading with Intentionality

Hi, I'm Annette, and I wanted to talk for a minute about one of my favorite practices, which is reading with intentionality. Often we think of reading as not necessarily [...]

Focusing on Nature with Julie Bowman

When I start to feel disconnected, when I’m too much in my head and not as much in my heart. The best thing I can do is take myself outdoors. And I found that if I take my camera or my smartphone with me…

Reconnect with Your Breath with Sandra Bravo

Hello, my name is Sandra Bravo, and I am a licensed professional counselor in Austin, Texas. I’d like to invite you to this bell meditation today, and if you feel comfortable, I invite you to close your eyes and listen…

A Simple Practice from Dianna Amorde

Hello, my name is Diana, and I have the honor and pleasure of being the executive director of Eremos, a center of contemplative life. A simple practice. It’s deceptively easy. Has made all the difference in the world to me in those moments when I find myself incredibly stressed.

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