Jean Springer


Our beloved founder and spiritual Amma passed away on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. Her legacy lives on in the vibrant life of Eremos and in the words of wisdom she left behind.
Eight years in missionary work in South Africa gave Jean a hunger and thirst for a contemplative way of life. Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in south Texas was Jean’s next stop before coming to Austin. The 10-year ebb and flow in relationship within that community inspired her to provide a space in Austin where people could step back from their everyday lives on a more regular basis to listen to the Spirit.

For 21 years since the founding of Eremos in 1996, Jean brought the universal call to contemplation into the daily experience of people’s lives. Her belief in the unique manifestation of God that is within each person was affirmed in each person she provided spiritual direction or connected with in the community.

I am profoundly touched by the level of commitment people have to their personal journeys. What is being asked of some people who come to Eremos is beyond my wildest imaginings. Yet, in the midst of life-altering decisions, I see people choosing life. I am humbled by their faith, and awe-filled by their courage.

One of Jean’s personal passions was coffee. Whether in remembrance or to learn more about this wise woman, we invite you pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and soak up Jean’s wisdom…

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