a center of contemplative life

Greek word meaning solitary place, quiet place, desert place

We seek to provide contemplative opportunities for people of all faith traditions and all walks of life to step back from the hectic pace of life and reconnect to their Source.

“Eremos provides a place to slow down and look inward in our busy world. It provides a place for people of all faiths and no faith to consider ultimate questions of life and meaning. In a world where people are increasingly isolated, Eremos provides a place for people to come together and explore ideas and activities.”
– Friend of Eremos

Why Invest in Eremos

An investment in Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life, is an investment in the health and wellbeing of people and in increasing the capacity of each of us to reach across the chasms that separate us to help co-create a brighter future.

Whether seeking to enhance their relationship with the Divine beyond a religious community or looking for a safe place to explore and express their spirituality, people at Eremos find opportunities to step back from the daily distractions of life to strengthen their spiritual health, develop rich social connections and –as data supports–enhance their overall health and wellbeing. This is why a thriving Eremos community matters.

A Vision of Eremos:

Eremos is a community without walls providing a sacred space where people of all faith traditions and diverse backgrounds step back from daily life to behold the mystery of God dwelling within. From the intimacy of this communion, people experience a sense of peace and oneness that empowers them to live and love others more fully.

Background & Who We Are

Founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit, Eremos is a contemplative community serving people of all walks of life and faith traditions seeking to support their spiritual journey and wellbeing.
Eremos is a nourishing spiritual oasis in these challenging times. The specific ways that we help build and deepen personal and community connection include offering:

  • Workshops, 90-minute presentations and other short onetime events that provide opportunities to learn, experience, and make initial connections with others.
  • Retreats, ongoing weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly groups and 4-week book reflections that encourage and support deeper ongoing connections and spiritual development.
  • Weekly 30-minute contemplative Quiet Pause reflections via Zoom, accessible to those in the workplace.
  • One on one spiritual direction which offers an opportunity to listen deeply with a trusted spiritual director for the voice of God, strengthening a sense of connection with the Divine.

Eremos has over 800 + followers via e-newsletter and social media outlets who regularly receive and respond to the reflections and program offerings listed in our bi-weekly newsletter. Each year, we offer over 25 programs, retreats, and community gatherings. And we support four contemplative groups who meet on an ongoing basis.

A National Call to Action

Dr. Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General of the US, announced a new advisory in May 2023, offering a framework for a National Strategy to Advance Social Connection. Specifically, The Advisory calls on organizations, including faith institutions, to expand their communities and build opportunities for connection to address the surging rate of loneliness and isolation in our country.

Research shows just how vital social and spiritual connection is to the health and wellbeing of people. Stanford Medicine research notes how contemplative practices can offer similar benefits.[1]

Benefits of Contemplative Practices include:

  • Cultivate well-being and positive emotions & enrich life meaning & purpose
  • Enhance resilience
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce chronic physical pain & boost the immune system
  • Improve attention and concentration

In addition, a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, suggests that people who are spiritual or religious often live longer than those who are not[2].

Summary & Next Steps

Dr. Murthy points out in his Advisory statement, “We are called to build a movement to mend the social fabric of our nation.” An investment in Eremos is an investment in “mending the social fabric” through the power of a community of people of diverse faith traditions and walks of life. Each opportunity to connect with and learn from each other strengthens the health and wellbeing of the community which in turn can enhance the lives of all those we touch. But we need your help.

To optimally serve our growing community for years to come, we seek major gifts and grants to 1) increase our staff; 2) upgrade our technology; and 3) expand our program offerings. To discuss specifics about where your gift can be invested, contact our Executive Director, Dianna Amorde. Thank you for helping Eremos live into this vision.

“Finding the Eremos community was finding part of who I am to be in the world. From reading the newsletter, to participating in programs, retreats, ongoing groups, and even as a board member, Eremos is the challenge that keeps me awake and supports me as I work to live as a spiritual being in this physical body and world.”
– Founding Friend of Eremos

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