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The generosity of donors like you enables Eremos to offer inspiring programs and reflections (via e-newsletters) for people of all faith traditions to help them remember and deepen their connection to Source, as they define or describe the Divine.

Grounded in this connection, people are then more open to experience:

Deep peace


Hope for the future

Greater love for self and others

Compassion and kindness for self and others

A greater capacity for joy, even amidst sorrow.

The blessing of connecting in community with other like-hearted souls.



Why do people give to support Eremos? Here’s what some of our donors have to say:

“I’m proud to support Eremos for the work they are doing to bring more peace, understanding and kindness into our lives, and by extension, our world, so desperately needed these days.”

“Eremos is my spiritual, community home, where I nurture the contemplative part of me and experience the divine in me and in others. Eremos makes it possible for me to be more grounded and centered.”

“Eremos continues to provide essential support for spiritual seekers from all paths. I am grateful for every group and offering.”

“Our donation is offered in thanksgiving for all the joy Eremos brings into this hurting world.”

“Thank you for the high quality of programs you bring to Austin and the thoughtful messages you send. You are doing so much toward the transformation of the heart.”

“I came across this line: ‘Somehow to live in conscious union with God is what it means to be saved’ by Richard Rohr. I recognized that this is what Eremos offers – at least to me! Thank you for offering this life-saving opportunity.”

“Thank you, Eremos, for providing a calm center during these times.”

“How grateful I am for you folks keeping the light on in these dark times. I’m sure it must be hard but it’s important that you are there.”

As our donors tell us, Eremos is an oasis in these divisive times offering a gentle reminder that in the communion of silence we are all one and Love heals.

Thank you for choosing to contribute to the future of Eremos!



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There are many ways to make a difference. Thank you for your generosity!

“I found Eremos several years ago when seeking spiritual direction. Spiritual direction helped me to open my mind to what my heart was telling me. When I later accepted the invitation to participate in a contemplative half-day retreat, I felt like I’d found a community I didn’t know I’d been searching for! Since then I’ve experienced a deepening of my faith, a willingness to engage mystery, and made new friends through participating in book studies and workshops. I’m grateful for the Eremos community!” -Friend of Eremos

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