Autumn Interludes

Eremos invites you to honor the beauty and gifts of the fall season by slowing down and paying attention to your senses.

Step back from your life for an hour and reflect on the gifts our senses have to offer. Each facilitator will offer their perspective on one or more of the senses along with treasured moments of silence in community.

LOCATION: Eremos, 3355 Bee Caves Road, Ste. 101, Westlake Hills, 78746

TIMES: 11:30am to 12:30pm

FREE (love offering welcomed, but not expected)

Join us for one or for all!

[inwave_info_list][inwave_info_item style=”style3″ title=”Stephanie Visokay” sub_title=”September 19th” align=”center” icon_img=”4163″]Visualizing Peace[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item style=”style3″ title=”TBD” sub_title=”November 28th” align=”center” icon_img=”4163″]A Touch of Fall[/inwave_info_item][/inwave_info_list]
[inwave_info_list][inwave_info_item style=”style3″ title=”Dianna Amorde” sub_title=”October 10th” align=”center” icon_img=”4163″]Listening to Fall[/inwave_info_item][/inwave_info_list]
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[inwave_info_list][inwave_info_item style=”style3″ title=”Sharon Dunn” sub_title=”October 31st” align=”center” icon_img=”4163″]Tasting in a Contemplative Way[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item style=”style3″ title=”TBD” sub_title=”December 12th” align=”center” icon_img=”4163″]Sounds of Silence[/inwave_info_item][/inwave_info_list]

We look forward to slowing down with you!

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