Thriving Today Poetry Reading: Submit Your Poem!

Calling all poets!

Do your words have the power to inspire? Eremos is searching for four powerhouse poems that capture the essence of thriving!

What does thriving mean to you? Is it personal growth, connection to nature, or creating a positive impact on the world? Share your unique perspective through your words and inspire others on their journeys.

Join acclaimed poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and fellow wordsmiths at our “Thriving Today” event on October 26th in Austin, Texas. Submit your work for a chance to be featured alongside Rosemerry, win a $100 cash prize, and gain exposure for your writing. This is your opportunity to share your voice and make a splash on the poetry scene!


Four authors will be selected to share their poem about What It Means to Thrive. These four authors will join acclaimed poet and author Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer Saturday, October 26th, 2024, in Austin, Texas, at the Thriving Today event. Selected authors must be able to be present to read their poem.

Cash Prize: $100 (Four winners)

Entry Fee: $10 

Application Deadline: Sunday, 8/18/ 24

(No more than 100 poems will be considered. So, registration may close before the deadline date.)

Guidelines for Poems & Submission:


Length – must fit on two pages of 8 ½ x 11 paper.

Font – Times New Roman, Tahoma or Calibri only in size 14pt font.

Language – English. May include words or phrases in another language IF translation is provided as part of the submission.

Published – submitted poems may have been previously published.

Content – Must speak to what it means to thrive for self, others, nature (the planet), or the world community.

GUIDELINES for Submission: 

Submit no more than two poems for consideration.

All submissions must be in PDF format, uploaded via link provided upon payment of the entry fee.

Enter by paying the $10 Entry Fee.

The link to submit your poem will be included in your entry fee receipt.

Poems must have only your initials used as author.

Poems will be reviewed with no names by a small panel of local poetry & creative writing experts. Only the Executive Director will know the name associated with each poem until the top four are selected.

All submissions will be acknowledged via email, with the 10 finalists and 4 winners notified by September 30th.

The top ten poems will be featured on the Eremos website and printed for attendees of Thriving Today.

In addition, the Eremos e-newsletters (over 800 people nationwide) will feature at least one of the top ten poems each week between October 26th and the end of the year.

Four winners will receive a $100 honorarium

As noted above, attendance, as desired, to Writing for Thriving with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer workshop in the morning, and the opportunity to share their poem with the audience that afternoon.

Details about the entire event can be found HERE.

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