Good Enough…

 In Reflections

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
—Gautama Buddha

Time with family in Oregon last week was both a refreshing respite and a challenge. My guess is most of you can relate to old patterns you thought you’d dealt with coming back to taunt you when you reconnect with family.

After one particular frustrating evening, I was reminded of poet David Whyte’s comment repeated a few times during some of his virtual events: “Everyone is always doing their best. The problem is their best is often not very good.”

Perhaps the words I remember aren’t exactly what Whyte said, but the essence of the message is accurate and reminds me to have compassion for myself and loved ones when we unintentionally hurt each other. This breath or space I gave myself by contemplating his words enabled me to re-engage with an open heart.

“Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you.” ― David Whyte, excerpt from Everything is Waiting for You.

Where in your life have you shut yourself off from life because either your or someone else’s behavior or opinion wasn’t good enough?  How might compassion help?

May you lavishly offer yourself love and affection today. And may it ease the way for greater compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

Small Courage

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

—Mary Anne Radmacher

The Spirit of God

“In our weakness, the Spirit of God does not make us completely competent or all sufficient or winners in life’s lottery. Instead, he prays for us. God intercedes us, wordlessly. In our long, dark nights we don’t know how to pray. But we know God, the one who prays for us. And that is enough.”
― Tish Harrison Warren, Prayer in the Night


Enough. These few words are enough.
If not these words, this breath.
If not this breath, this sitting here.

This opening to life
we have refused
again and again
until now.

Until now.

― David WhyteWhere Many Rivers Meet: Poems

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