Moments of Love…

 In Reflections

“Though words can carry love, they often point to it. It is the picking up of something that has dropped, and the giving of space for someone to discover for themselves what it means to be human, and the forgiving of mistakes when we realize that we’ve done.”
—Mark Nepo

On this Valentine’s Day, you’re invited to nourish your heart with memories of the moments of love that have sustained you so far, wrapping yourself up in love.

And when you feel your heart is overflowing with all of those loving memories, why not pass it on in simple ways? Imagine something you do today being someone else’s moment of love they reflect upon tomorrow.

Author Mark Nepo shares “When I think of those who’ve taught me how to love, moments come to mind, not words.” We all have moments of love to offer no matter how lonely or isolated we may feel.

From watering a plant to your hand tenderly expressing love to a beloved animal, person, or tree, your simple gift of love just might nourish you as much as it will the recipient.

May you share your love generously this day and may you feel this love circling back around to you when you need it most.

Love All

“Love all God’s creation, the whole of it and every grain of sand. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, love everything.”
—Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Silence…a Mature Love

“…people don’t know what to do with silence. One pastor said, ‘People are afraid of what will surface within them if they step into silence.’ …I find my heart grieving hearing this. Silence is about intimacy. It is the language of love. It is the embrace of mature love. We seek silence and solitude because these have

Stream of Love

Stream of Love all-encompassing
gathering me as a cherished one
in welcoming embrace

Stream of Compassion bonding with me
holding my tears in the tender cup of your love

Stream of Goodness pouring your light
into my soul like a sunbeam
at dawn

Stream of Nurturance providing for me
in the darkness of your protective
enveloping womb

Stream of Joyfulness dancing in me
celebrating life with each moment
of gladness

Stream of Mercy receiving my sorrow
with understanding as you continue
to believe in me

Stream of Hope ever glorious
ever present kissing my vision
and enriching my dreams.

—Joyce Rupp, from her book, Dear Heart Come Home

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