Three Healing Things…

 In Reflections

“A lifetime ago, when my first marriage fell apart, I received this message in a fortune cookie: There are three great healers: Time, Love, and Nature. Being a strong believer in fortune cookies, I taped it to the fridge, and then I waited for it to prove true.” —Rivvy Neshama

In her story about the fortune cookie wisdom shared above, Rivvy Neshama goes on to say that its wisdom proved true. What are your great healers? Did the fortune cookie sage get it right? What would you add?\

Space and perspective might be additions, but you could consider them part of the healing power of time. How about a sense of humor or knowing how not to take yourself so seriously? Perhaps it depends on what is in need of healing at any given moment.

“A walk in the woods walks the soul back home.” ―Mary Davis

As I’ve often shared, a walk is a great healer for me. Even in these intensely hot and humid days in Austin, the nature found in my humble neighborhood soothes my soul, making it easier to welcome and appreciate the healing gifts of time and love. What works best for you?

May you be reminded of and experience the great healing powers of time, love, and nature whenever you need them.

The Only Power

“Love is the only power that heals, connects and includes all…not by force, but by grace.”
―Vivian Amis

Time Heals

“Time will heal this. Give it time and space. Silence is the key to healing all.”
― Leinad Nehoc Ph.D.

Its Gift to You

“Nature can bring you to stillness, that is its gift to you.”
― Eckhart Tolle


Summer has arrived.

I heard it.

We were driving the backroads of Llano County,

inhaling the beauty of wildflowers, red and gold.

We stopped for photos.

Engine off, sunscreen on.

I knew a wall of heat would hit me when I opened the car door.


I was hit with a wall of sound.

Throbbing, thrumming, pulsating. Impossibly loud.

The singing of a thousand cicadas

newly emerged from the warming soil

filled the very air, a tangible presence.

A vibration inescapable and enthralling.

Summer has arrived.

I heard it.

—Julie Bowman. Photo courtesy of Julie Bowman.

We offer Julie’s poem (written as part of our summer Poetry of the Season session last week) and photograph as a Central Texan official welcome to summer in honor of the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

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