Unknowable Depths…

 In Reflections

“If you sit on the bank of a river, you see only a small part of its surface. And yet, the water before your eyes is proof of unknowable depths.” —Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

We naturally fear what we cannot see, understand, or know in any way. How much larger might our world be though, if we could shift from fear to curiosity and wonder?

And if we can breathe through the discomfort of not knowing, we can open to the hope and potential that may reside within the unknowable spaces of our lives and world.

“There is more going on beneath the surface than we think…” —Malcolm Gladwell
Any time we hear the news of the day, we have a choice: to use our imagination to envision the worst or to imagine good “work” happening beneath the surface.  Sometimes I must repeatedly remind myself of the potential to be found in the unknowable depths. But it feels necessary to do in order to thrive today and thus make a contribution to the world.Whether it’s trusting in the Divine’s hand in all that’s unfolding, envisioning today’s chaos is leading to a higher level of consciousness, or simply using your imagination to make you feel better, how can you contemplate a more positive outcome to the world’s troubles?

May the positive potential to be found in the unknowable depths of your life and those you love bring you hope and peace.

Beneath the Surface

“…freshness trembles beneath the surface of every day, a joy perpetual to all who catch its opal lights beneath the dust of habit.”
―Freya Stark

Live From the Depth

“As you become more rooted inside―as you drink from the silent stream of life that runs beneath the surface of everything―as you live from that depth of your own being more and more, then you’ll be able to rise taller and stronger in this world; more than you may have ever thought possible.”
― Derek Rydall

All Things Pass

Let nothing disturb you;
Let nothing dismay you;
All things pass:
God never changes.
Patience attains
All it strives for.
He who loves God
Finds he lacks nothing:
God alone suffices.

― Teresa of Ávila

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