Moments of Stillness…

 In Reflections

“When everything is moving and shifting, the only way to counteract chaos is stillness.” —Kristin Armstrong

Last week I found myself having a strong negative reaction to something. I couldn’t understand the source of my feelings.

Two days later, sitting quietly during our weekly Quiet Pause session, the awareness came in softly and clearly of the past experience that triggered my reaction.

With that awareness came self-compassion and a new ability to appreciate and admire the gift I received.
“Sometimes stillness is the best movement.”

We can’t know when stillness will reveal a blessing that transforms our day or even our life, but we can seek to make more time for the space that stillness offers. And sometimes we receive a priceless gift―one worth all the times of sitting with our mind racing, feeling we failed at even a moment of stillness.

May you be blessed by moments of stillness. And may you trust you’ll receive what you need in those moments or soon thereafter.

The Space Between

“In the space between your thoughts, there is your truth.”
―Reuben Lowe

The Stillness Underneath

“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.”
―Eckhart Tolle

In the Stillness

In the stillness,
I find…

refuge from
the relentless demands
and distractions
of modern life;

a chance
to step off
the treadmill,
shed unnecessary layers,
and slip into
a deeper, truer

space for
my spirit
to unfurl her
magnificent wings
and soar above
the mundane details
of daily life;

so many treasures
that fell
by the wayside
as I was
hurrying along,
trying in vain
to keep up.

In the stillness,
a calm pool
where I can
clearly see
my own reflection,

and the reflection
of something
much greater
than myself.

—by Kai Siedenburg, author of Poems of Earth and Spirit:  70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature. Find out more about Kai on her website, Our Nature Connection.

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