Spooky (or Silly) Delights…

 In Reflections

“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly lit front porch.” —Robert Brault

Happy Halloween! Perhaps because we’ve been immersed in the exploration of joy this year, I find myself laughing with delight more this Halloween season.

From the young children dressed in their costumes for a Halloween adventure at local bookseller BookPeople to the bank teller in his neon blue hair joyfully describing parties he’s been to and will be attending tonight, joy has been all around for this weird and often wacky celebration.

The days of me finding joy in horror movies or haunted houses are long gone, but witnessing the gleeful joy of children and adults in costumes is welcome in these challenging times. And I find the beauty of Dia de Los Muertos celebrations of life and honoring the dead give me a moment to pause and honor those I’ve lost (at least their physical presence).
“Some people are born for Halloween,
and some are just counting the days until Christmas.”

—Stephen Graham Jones
Whether you’re a Halloween person or not, what joys or healing moments of reflection on life and death can this Halloween night bring you?May the child within or a beloved child, or grandchild, help you experience delight this Halloween. And may this delight carry you through any difficult November days.

Magical Things

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
―Eden Phillpots

Día de los Muertos

“May the beautiful souls of our loved ones be always filled with joy, and may we be blessed with the opportunity to see them again. Amen.”

Why Horror Stories?

“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” ― Stephen King

Theme in Yellow

I spot the hills
With yellow balls in autumn.
I light the prairie cornfields
Orange and tawny gold clusters
And I am called pumpkins.
On the last of October
When dusk is fallen
Children join hands
And circle round me
Singing ghost songs
And love to the harvest moon;
I am a jack-o’-lantern
With terrible teeth
And the children know
I am fooling.

—Carl Sandburg

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